Over Medium Eggs

Learn how to make the best Over Medium Eggs! The yolks turn out slightly runny and slightly firm to give them the perfect texture.

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Ingredients YOU'LL NEED:

Eggs, coconut oil or butter (or other fat or oil of choice). 

Step 1: Melt coconut

Place a frying pan on the stovetop over low heat and add the coconut oil or butter.

Step 2: Cack egg

Once the oil has melted, crack an egg into the pan along with the hot fat and allow the egg to cook until the white of the egg has just set.

Step 3: Flip egg

Flip the egg and cook the second side for another 1-2 minutes. The yolk will start to puff up slightly when it's ready and you will have firm egg whites.

Serve them on their own, in an egg sandwich, on top of toast or a burger, in a burrito, or on top of salads.


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