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Paleo Strawberry Vanilla Popsicles

(Vegan, GAPS, SCD, Dairy Free)


Strawberry Layer

Vanilla Layer


Strawberry Layer

  1. Place all the ingredients into your food processor or Vitamix blender

  2. Blend until smooth

  3. Pour into your popsicle moulds (just over half full) - This is the popsicle mold that I use and highly recommend

  4. Place in the freezer and freeze for 10-15 minutes

Vanilla Layer

  1. While the strawberry layer is freezing, clean and dry your food processor or blender

  2. Add all the ingredients to your food processor (buy here) or blender and blend well until smooth

  3. Remove the popsicle moulds from the freezer (after 10-15 minutes)

  4. Pour the vanilla layer on top of the strawberry layer

  5. Poke each popsicle a few times with the popsicle stick to create a swirl

  6. Place the lid on the mold and put the popsicle sticks into each popsicle (use the slots on the top of the lid of your popsicle mold)

  7. Place the molds back in the freezer and freezer for 3 hours, or until fully frozen

  8. Serve and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

TIP: Run the popsicle molds under hot water for a few seconds when you remove them from the freezer to make the popsicles easier to remove from the mold