Eating the paleo diet does not mean you have to give up your favourite treats. At least not on my watch. The paleo diet is all about balance, and giving your body real, nourishing food. Some paleo experts don't allow desserts, but I find that this method is far too restrictive, and will untimely lead you to binge on other, more unhealthy foods in the long term. So, while I don't suggest that paleo treats make up the majority of your diet, I do think that enjoying a dessert made with real nourishing ingredients once in a while is in fact good for you. I mean what would a birthday celebration be without cake? You shouldn't have to miss out on delicious food just because you are eating paleo. So I created my FREE Pure and Simple Dessert Ebook filled with 10 of my favourite treats. There is something in here for everyone. Inside you will find recipes like Paleo Vanilla Mint Ice Cream Cake, Dark Orange Chocolate Fudge, Ranger Cookies and so much more! Simple leave your email address below and you will be sent your FREE copy of this virtual recipe book. Enjoy! 

Free Paleo Desserts Book