Coconut Blueberry Paleo Oatmeal (AIP, Gluten Free, GAPS, SCD, Whole 30)

Well I am pretty excited for the recipe I am sharing with you I must admit. One of the most popular recipes on my blog is the Creamy Paleo "Oatmeal" and since I have received such great feedback on that one, I decided to make a version with blueberries. Because who doesn't love blueberries? They are one of my favourite fruits. Plus they are filled with antioxidants and vitamins and have many health benefits. Everything from better memory and eyesight to positive cardiovascular effects.

Plus they taste delicious. Which is obviously the most important thing about them.

And the combination of bananas and coconut in this grain free oatmeal really pairs well with the blueberries. In my humble opinion. Plus there is some grassfed gelatin thrown in there for a little protein. And we all know that gelatin is a superfood right? (If not you should read this post to find out why). If you aren't eating this stuff regularly I highly recommend that you do! Your body will thank you.

So if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I was just in Quebec City for a conference. It was the annual Canadian Rheumatology Association meeting where I was presenting a case report. I had never been to the meeting before and I was very impressed with the sessions I attended. The one big downside of the conference? The food! I am so happy I stuffed my suitcase with food before I left because I would have starved otherwise! Plus the labelling of the food was terrible. No where did they tell you if things were gluten free or not. It was slightly frustrating. So I lived off the sausages, bacon, carrot sticks, nuts, canned salmon, fruit, Epic bars and Lara bars that I brought with me. Yes friends I have learned that you have to be prepared to feed yourself when you have a "special needs diet." Whether that seems fair or not it's just fact. It's not worth getting sick from eating unsafe foods. Although it does often mean filling half my suitcase with food items. Oh well. Does anyone else do this? I am sure I'm not alone! 

In unrelated news, did you hear that The Supreme Court of Canada struck down the ban on physician assisted suicide? As a physician in Canada I am thrilled about this news. And I know most Canadians are too. I think that people absolutely have the right to choose how they are going to die when they are going through unbearable suffering. As a physician I have had to watch way too many patients suffer with intractable pain or other symptoms near the end of their lives. Many of these patients beg for their suffering to end, and up until now we have been unable to help them. The same goes for family members who care for their loved ones with palliative illnesses. I have had friends tell me how horrible it was to watch their parent or sibling beg to die because the pain they were experiencing was so horrific. I can only imagine how terrible that was to go through. 

Now I realize that things are not going to change tomorrow, and that many guidelines and rules around this decision will need to be drafted. But we are moving in the right direction. And that is what matters! I also realize that some of you reading may disagree with my opinion on this topic. And that's ok. It is a controversial issue and everyone is going to have their own opinion. I am simply expressing mine. If you are interested in reading more about the Supreme Court Decision here is an article discussing it. 

Alright everyone, I think that is enough rambling from me for one day. I will let you get to the recipe, since I know that's really what you are here for! 

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Happy eating everyone!


1 cup full fat organic coconut milk (I recommend this brand because it is BPA free)

2 ripe bananas, broken into pieces (medium-large size)

1/4 cup coconut butter or coconut manna (buy here

1 tsp organic vanilla extract (omit for AIP and Whole 30)

pinch sea salt

1 TBSP grassfed gelatin (I recommend this kind

1 cup fresh blueberries

1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cup finely shredded coconut (depends how thick you like your oatmeal)



1. Place a medium pot on the stove on medium heat

2. Add the coconut milk, bananas, coconut butter, vanilla extract and sea salt to the pot

3. Bring to a boil

4. Turn down the heat and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring every couple minutes to break up the banana pieces

5. Add the gelatin and stir well to dissolve

6. Add the blueberries and cook for another 2-3 minutes

7. Remove from heat and add the shredded coconut until it reaches your desired thickness 

8. Let sit for approximately 5 minutes to allow the coconut to soften 

9. Serve and enjoy! 

Optional additions: 

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1-2 TBSP nut or seed butter of choice 

Chopped nuts

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