Beef Pumpkin Stew (SCD, Paleo, GAPS, Beef)

Hi everyone! Are you hibernating indoors to escape the cold like I am? Winter has officially arrived here in Calgary and I am not too impressed. Weather like this makes me want to run away to a beach far far away. I don't understand how people can like winter. It will never be my favourite season. Ever.

In weather like this all I want to do is hide inside under a blanket drinking warm tea. But that's just me.

It's a good thing this weather held off until Halloween was over. Those poor little trick-or-treaters would have had a miserable time in a blizzard like this! And since Halloween was just this week there are still plenty of pumpkins around to cook with which works great for the recipe I am sharing with you today. I know there are a ton of dessert recipes out there incorporating pumping but I am trying to add it to more conventional meals for a little change in flavour. Hence this stew recipe!

Beef Pumpkin Stew (SCD, Paleo, GAPS, Beef) 


Enough liquid to fill 1/3 of your slow cooker (bone broth, vegetable broth, water... whichever you like)

1/2 cup red wine

2 packages grassfed stew beef

2 tsp Italian seasoning

2 tsp Romemary

1/2 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp sea salt

Handful of Bay Leaves (I used 8 I think)

2 cups cooked or canned pumpkin

2 tomatoes, diced

1 onion, chopped 

1 cup broccoli florets

1 cup chopped carrots


1. Turn your slow cooker onto high and fill will liquid, red wine, tomatoes, onions, beef, pumpkin and spices

2. Allow to cook for 3-4 hours and then add the rest of your ingredients (carrots and broccoli) 

3. Cook for an additional 4 hours (total cook time 8 hours) 

4. Serve and enjoy!

Yep it is that easy! If you wanted to let this cook all day while you are at work you can throw everything in at the beginning, I just like the broccoli and carrots to cook for a little less time but it really shouldn't change the taste at all.

Enjoy everyone! Let me know what you think!

Stay warm 


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