Sautéed Beef and Brussel Sprouts (SCD, GAPS, Paleo, Beef)

Hi long lost friends.

Sorry for being absent for so long. I have many reasons for being MIA I promise! Right now I am in sunny Palo Alto for an elective in Allergy and Immunology. I am only a week in but so far the experience has been really great! The learning curve is definitely steep though!

Being in the States people always point out my "Canadianisms"

Some examples from this week:

I call it a washroom, not a bathroom

I say sorry way too much

Telling someone the temperature in Celsius and getting a very puzzled look in response

Being shocked at the Valet Parking at the hospital (no we are definitely not in Canada any more folks!)

Looking for a patient's chart and being told it doesn't exist... everything is on the computer now (welcome to the future of medicine)

Well those are the only ones I can think of right now but trust me there have been more!

Enough procrastinating and on to more important things.... like FOOD!

I feel slightly guilty for even calling this one a "recipe" since it is super easy. But also yummy so in my books thats good enough!


1 package organic ground beef (mine was 85% lean) - you can buy this here

1 package shredded brussel sprouts (or shred about 3 cups worth of whole ones yourself)

1 organic apple, peeled (I used a Pink Lady because they are my favourite! But any apple should do)  

1 medium yellow onion

Sea salt 




1. Place large frying pan/ skillet on burner and turn to medium heat

2. Place a few tablespoons of desired fat in pan (I used butter, you could also use ghee, coconut oil etc)

3. Add ground beef to oil and cook for a couple minutes

4. Add shredded brussel sprouts to beef and cook together until meat is no longer red

5. While meat and sprouts are cooking peel your apple, then chop it and the onion into your desired sized pieces

6. Once meat is no longer red add the chopped apple and onion to pan and cook until the onion is clear (5 or so minutes)

7. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper

8. Let cool for a couple minutes and enjoy!

Optional: Top with organic butter or ghee for additional fat

Yes that was a very simple recipe I know... but sometimes simple meals are just as good as complicated ones! I have actually made this a couple times in the last week so you can tell that I like it!

Would you eat this? Would you make any changes? I would also suggest using bacon instead of the ground beef. If anyone tries this let me know!


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