Toasted Lemon Coconut Macaroons (SCD, GAPS, Paleo, Egg Free, Gluten Free)

NOTE: This recipe and post was updated on April 11, 2015

Hi everyone. How was your weekend? Fantastic I hope.

For the few of you who have been following me here from the beginning you will have witnessed the progression on the blog. Better recipes, better photographs and better content (at least I hope you have appreciated these changes). So one of my missions is to go back and re-vamp all those old recipes with the terrible pictures and unclear directions and make them better. And that mission starts today. With these macaroons.

These Toasted Lemon Coconut Macaroons are actually really delicious, but you would never have known that with the less than pretty pictures I had of them initially. Because if there is one lesson I have learned through this blogging journey of mine it is that food blogging is all about pretty pictures. You can have the tastiest recipe out there, but if the photograph is bad no one is going to try it. Period.

I was having a craving for something lemony and sweet when I came up with this recipe. I for one really like lemon flavoured desserts, and hopefully you do too. This recipe is also super simple to make, and takes less than 15 minutes to cook. And I bet most of you already have the ingredients for this one in your pantry because there is nothing complicated here folks. Lemons, honey, shredded coconut, almond flour, vanilla, sea salt and coconut oil. Yep that's all you need. Plus there is very little mess to deal with when you make these. Everything is made in one bowl and then transferred to a baking sheet. Because as much as I love to bake, I really hate doing dishes. So the fewer the better if you ask me.

I am going to keep it short and sweet today since I don't have that much time. But I would love to hear what you think of these. Happy eating friends!

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Toasted Lemon Coconut Macaroons Recipe


2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut (I recommend this brand)

1 cup almond flour (buy here)

2 TBSP fresh lemon zest

pinch sea salt 

1/3 cup coconut oil (this is my favourite

1/3 cup honey

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 

1 tbsp gluten free organic vanilla (I use this brand



1. Preheat your oven to 350F

2. In a large bowl mix together the shredded coconut, almond flour, sea salt, lemon zest, coconut oil, honey and vanilla with a pastry blender

3. Once the above ingredients are combined add the fresh lemon juice and mix together with the pastry blender. The mixture should be moist, but not wet  

4. Form the mixed ingredients into approximately 1inch balls with the palm of your hands and place on a baking sheet

5. Bake in oven for 12-14 minutes or until tops start to turn golden brown

6. Remove from oven and let macaroons cool for a few minutes

7. Once slightly cooled remove from baking sheet and cool completely on a plate or metal rack (they will stick to your baking sheet if left to cool completely on it. I cooled mine in the freezer for a few minutes to speed up the process and it worked great!) 

8. Serve and enjoy!

** TIP: If you are having a hard time getting these to stick together, wet your hands and then try forming the macaroons

*** NOTE: These also taste really good after they have been refrigerated 

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